Two suspected armed robbers who were members of an AK-47-wielding gang have been gunned down at  Atasamanso New Site in Kumasi.

It follows a gun battle between police and a six-member gang at about 6:45p.m on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

A police officer who sustained gunshot injury was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police, based on intelligence of the gang’s plans, dispatched members of the Anti-Robbery Taskforce to quell the activities.

But the armed men who were using a BMW car first opened fire upon seeing police vehicle moving towards their direction, forcing police to return same.

The gunshots drew a large crowd from nearby homes to the scene, a situation that affected the police operation.

The presence of the crowd meant the police were limited in firing at the robbers as four of the suspected robbers managed to escape.

Both police operational vehicle and the BMW car used by the suspected robbers had their windscreens damaged in the process.

Police retrieved one AK-47 assault rifle and a foreign pistol from the suspected robbers.